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Hey guys! I’m Amber Helt: editor, writer, and creative coach. Curious about what’s going on in Rooted in Writing? Well I’m glad you asked!

The art of writing is in many ways like a tree. I can wax all poetic about characters blossoming and gnarly plot branches, but I’ll spare you. Underneath the metaphor, writing is a skill more than a talent, and like any skill, the best way to improve is through practice, instruction, and feedback. If you create a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, your skill will grow. Root yourself in the craft of good writing and your stories will flourish.

Join me as I deconstruct the various elements that make up breath-taking, believable fiction. The site functions in three cooperative departments: the blog, the store, and the editorial services.

Plant the seeds of your success as you follow the blog. I go through scene anatomy, discuss today’s publishing market, teach master classes on the various aspects of creative writing, and much more.

Then, when you need some extra fertilizer, check out the store to find a slew of resources (some of them FREE) to better nourish your craft.

Finally, when your story is grown and you’re ready to take the next step with it, give it to me for some editorial TLC. I’ll prune your story, cutting the dead buds and making its innate beauty shine. (Okay, I couldn’t help playing with the metaphor just a little.)

As a freelance editor, I care deeply about bringing each story up to its full potential. As a writer, I’m interested in all the nuances of story creation and construction. I decided to bring these two passions together in one place: to an online gathering of creative souls and talented artisans, offering my curiosity, love of learning, and sharp editorial eye at your feet.  Everyone has a story to tell—let me help you find yours.


I have my Bachelor of Arts from John Brown University in creative writing with certificates in French and linguistics. I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and in college I was a member of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honors society. I’ve worked for several publishers, editing fiction and nonfiction works in all stages of production. My short fiction has won several awards, and though I specialize in helping writers of speculative fiction, I’m passionate about helping any writing project, from novels to academic essays to cover letters, reach its full potential.  I want to help writers translate their ideas into more than just stories, but experiences. From the brainstorming process to editing, I’m here to make your story come alive.


Outside of Rooted in WritingI write short stories and speculative fiction, though I read anything I can get my hands on, from biographies to literary fiction to philosophy textbooks. I’m currently working on a fantasy trilogy featuring electromagnetic magic and a murderous mistake. I live in Dallas, Texas, with my husband and hedgehog, Everett. I’ve always had a passion for dance and love to work with theater tech. I have a professional working proficiency in French and belong to a couple of French clubs in my community. Ask me about my summer in Normandy sometime—changed my life! I am a strong believer of the Wordsworthian Stroll, and you can often find me lost in thought along one of Dallas’s many walking trails.

Happy writing,

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Interested in learning more about my blog series or editorial services? Check out the rest of the website, and I hope we’ll become good friends!