Editorial Services

There are so many rounds of editing you do on your manuscript that after a few rotations you feel woozy just thinking about your project. I totally get that. Lucky for you, I specialize in a wide variety of editorial stages and offer several service packages to help you make your story the best version of itself.

A lot of people define all the types of editing a little differently, so I’ve laid out a definition of the editorial service alongside a brief overview of how I can help.

** All manuscript submissions must be 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced. I accept payment through PayPal. Be sure to check out my exclusive discounts and promotions and keep an eye out for my other products, including eBooks, free resources, and instructive courses—coming soon! For more information, head over to the Contact page and fill out the form.


Developmental Edit

This form of editing involves working directly with the author as we look at big picture, structural issues. Characters, plot, voice, outlining—all of the parts of your novel that make it unique. As in all editing I do, I make my changes in Microsoft Word Track Changes, so you can see everything I do to your manuscript. I leave detailed comments, pointing out areas in the manuscript that need work and making suggestions on possible revisions.

This service is designed for manuscripts that have already been carefully assessed and revised by the author and critique groups and is ready for a final polish before seeking representation.
Format: Microsoft Office Track Changes

Copy Edit

Once you’re happy with the structure and development of your manuscript, a copy edit looks at the grammar, word choice, and other “gritty details” of the prose.

I edit all novels and memoirs in Chicago Manual of Style, the most commonly used style guide in publishing houses. Decisions on oxford commas, hyphens, citations, and other major grammar points will be based on the most recent edition of CMS. If your project is for an academic or professional magazine, I will comply with the language style of their choice (usually AP, MLA, or APA). If you have any questions on a grammatical decision I make, I will be more than happy to cite the rule in the manual for you.
Format: Microsoft Office Track Changes


If you’re fairly confident in the structure, execution, and fine tuning of your manuscript, a proofread is the final pass to look for any last minute or tiny mistakes.
Format: Microsoft Office Track Changes


Manuscript Critique

Looking for an outsider’s opinion of your book? Sometimes it’s hard to be able to step back from a project you’ve been immersed in for so long and really weigh its caliber. I’ll give your manuscript a careful read-over—two, even—and let you know what works, what doesn’t work, what I’d recommend changing, and how marketable your book is.


What you put on the back of your book will play a large role in getting someone to read your book. It’s a lot of weight to carry for a measly 250 words or so. I’ll bring a fresh perspective to your manuscript and help you write a blurb that will make readers dying to know more!

Chapter-by-Chapter Editing (up to 12,000 words per chapter)

If you want only a portion of your manuscript to be edited, I’ll take a look at the grand scope of it — the content, the grammar, the style  — and send it back to you with my comments and suggested changes. All for a flat fee!


For works that contain a lot of facts, from the science behind certain technology to the capitol of Argentina, you need to be sure that what’s in your book is true. I’ll carefully comb through your manuscript and make sure all the non-fiction facts listed are up to date.

Novel Research

Want to write an intrigue novel set in Victorian England but know nothing of the era’s political climate? Point me in the right direction, and I’ll hunt down all the research you’ll need to make your book realistic.

Have another service you need?

Shoot me a message and we’ll see if we can tailor a package for your needs!